The Spring Issue of ‘Billy’s Give B-I-I-I-G! Gazette’ is Hot Off the Press and Full of Give Big Kern N-e-e-e-w-s!

Give Big Kern Mascot Billy the Give Big Goat put on his Editor-In-Chief visor and sleeve protectors like the newspaper publishers of old, and has just come out with the latest issue of “Billy’s Give B-I-I-I-G! Gazette” his e-newsletter that is full of Give Big Kern news!

The Spring 2021 issue is hot off the press, just short of two weeks from when will go LIVE to start receiving donations and volunteer pledges to benefit Kern County’s hard-working nonprofits.

Here’s the news: Beginning Sunday, April 4 (Easter Sunday!), anyone can make a minimum $5 donation or pledge volunteer hours to any one of 130 participating local nonprofits through That’s our tradition: Give Big Kern goes LIVE a month out from the B-I-I-I-G Day, which this year is May 4 – always the first Tuesday in May.

This creates a buildup of excitement, and, as Billy likes to say, “Culminates in a f-r-e-e-e-n-z-y of giving on Give Big Kern D-a-a-a-y!”

There’s so much to get excited about! Please click on the image (or on this link) to access the gazette, which is full of ideas on how YOU can help support your favorite nonprofit(s) by getting involved with them through fun promotions and activities – or better yet, by simply GIVING to them monetarily or in kind.

Happy reading!