Welcome to the New Donor Portal System!

The team at Kern Community Foundation has been working hard to implement an upgraded technology platform to improve the overall experience for you, our Fundholders and Fund Advisors. We are excited to launch this system in its current iteration and ask for your continued patience as we bring additional features online over the coming months. We have assembled this quick-reference guide to introduce the basics of the new Donor Portal. As always, please know the entire staff stands ready to answer any questions you might have.

Establishing Your Password

KCF staff will initiate your account by confirming your eligibility to serve as an advisor to one or more charitable funds. This eligibility is determined by the Fund Advisors documented on the most current version of the Fund Information Form. If updates are needed, please have any documented individuals reach out to us at donorservices@kernfoundation.org or 661.325.5346 for assistance. Once the process has been initiated, you will receive an automated e-mail from sender “no-reply@fcsuite.com”. You will notice “Kern Community Foundation” referenced in the email’s subject line. The automated email will instruct you on the steps to create a custom password specific to your fund. Take note of your username and password as you complete this process. Please delete this automated email once you have successfully completed this process. The link contained in the email is only to be used for establishing your initial password.

Accessing the System

To access the portal at any time, simply visit www.kernfoundation.org and click on the Donor Portal button in the upper right corner of our landing page. This will take you to the login screen where you will enter your username and password established in the step outlined above.

Login Screen

Visit www.kernfoundation.org from any web browser or device (including smartphones and tablets) to access the Donor Portal system.

IMPORTANT: If you access the Donor Portal from a shared computer or device, we strongly encourage you to use the Logout option after completing each session. This ensures no one other than you has access to the system.

Choose Fund Menu – For Those Who Serve as Advisors for Multiple Funds

If you serve as an advisor for multiple charitable funds, you will see the “Choose Fund” menu once you have successfully signed in to the Donor Portal System. Choose the particular fund with which you wish to interact.

If you are listed as an advisor for only one fund, you will not see this screen. Instead, you will be taken directly to the main screen.

Main Screen

The main screen provides an at-a-glance list of Recent Contributions received into the fund and Recent Grants paid out of the Fund. You will also see the Current Balance, updated in real-time, and the current Fund Advisors will be indicated just below the balance. Note that each person listed will have similar access to the Donor Portal.

The menu bar along the top of the window provides the following additional topics:

Choose Fund –Allows you to select a different fund for which you serve as an advisor.

Contributions – Provides in-depth information regarding each contribution received into the fund. You will note that an “Export” option appears on the far-right side of the menu bar. This feature will export information about each donation into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Grants – Provides more detail about all grants paid from this fund. The top section provides a summary of grants by recipient (aka, grantee). Scroll down past the summary section to see an itemized list of grants paid in descending order (most recent first).

  • Look for the word “Complete” in the Status column to know the grant has been paid.
  • Other status indicators will appear as the grant moves along our internal processes.

Grant Requests – use this tab to recommend a grant payment from your Donor Advised Fund. You will find the Grants Requests window divided into four sections.

  • The Grants Listing appears in the right half of the window. Here you will find each grant recommended/paid from this fund listed in descending date order. Look for the word “Complete” in the Status column to confirm a grant has been successfully paid.
  • The first portion on the left side of the screen is labeled Choose from Previous Grantee. You can recommend additional payments to any recipient previously paid from this fund using this handy tool. Use one of the options below to recommend grant payments to new recipients not previously paid from this particular fund.
  • Search for Other Grantees – This box queries the complete list of nonprofit organizations holding current 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status with the Internal Revenue Service.
  • Enter Grantee Information Manually – The last section allows you to manually enter the information we need to process your grant recommendation. The fields marked with a red asterisk are required; providing all the requested information allows us to ensure your grant recommendation is processed as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Note: Online grant requests are only available to Donor Advised Funds at this time.

Grant CatalogThis section will launch later in 2018.

Statements – Statements related to the fund will appear under the “Statements” tab. This ensures each statement is archived in one convenient location that can be accessed at any time by any of the fund advisors.

Files – Important documents related to the fund will be archived here.