Resiliency is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; the ability to spring back into shape; toughness.

Added to the Visibility, Capacity, and Sustainability Kern Community Foundation aims to provide to the local nonprofit sector through its Nonprofit Strengthening Initiative, Resiliency is a strength we aim to help our nonprofits build up, so they can face the new daunting challenges that surfaced at the beginning of the new decade through national health and social justice crises.  

Our Nonprofit Strengthening offering now features this web-based Nonprofit Empowerment Center, an online hub that includes access to COVID-19 resources, virtual live workshops, self-paced learning opportunities, grant announcements, access to Candid’s Foundation Directory, facilitated virtual roundtables to help leaders in the local nonprofit sector learn from one another, and a Community Calendar that exclusively showcases nonprofit educational events and fundraisers.

Please use the menu on this page to explore the various resources available through our Nonprofit Empowerment Center.

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