Community Foundation Funds: Fueling Impact and Empowering Community Transformation

Kern Community Foundation’s Fund Options

Kern Community Foundation is your trusted partner in fund services. Our dedicated team is here to support you in maximizing the impact of your philanthropic efforts and creating lasting change in our community. With our comprehensive fund services, we provide a range of flexible options tailored to meet your unique giving goals. Whether you are an individual, family, or organization, we offer the expertise and resources to help you make a difference. Each of our clients has unique financial and charitable goals. Kern Community Foundation can work with you to provide solutions to help your clients achieve their philanthropic vision today and ensure that their charitable intentions are honored.

Gift Planning

We offer philanthropic advising and resources for planned giving, donor-advised, and other charitable funds, and can accept complex assets.

Estate Planning

We can help plan for current income needs and future giving goals through bequests, charitable trusts, and gifts of retirement assets.
Visit our Planned Giving Center for tools to help advise your clients.

Private Foundation Services

Kern Community Foundation offers completely customized services and support for private foundations and corporate giving to ease the administrative burden and help your clients focus on their philanthropy.