Teems Tulfo

Associate Director of Community Impact

Fatima, Teems for short, was born in Los Angeles but moved to Bakersfield at the start of Kindergarten. She graduated from South High in 2008. After graduating, Teems had the opportunity to attend California State University Northridge through the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), a program for disadvantaged, high-potential, first-generation college students. In 2013, Teems received her BA in Asian American Studies. Then in 2015, she graduated from San Francisco State University with her Master’s in Asian American Studies.

In 2020, Teems relocated back to Bakersfield from the Bay Area. During her time in the Bay, she worked as a Program Director for a before and after-school program. With her experience and knowledge, she’s excited to work with the community. Teems enjoys gardening and playing video games during her downtime with her partner Frein and son Freiny.