At Kern Community Foundation, we believe that giving back can make a big difference. It’s not just about donating – it’s about helping nonprofit organizations that do good things and make our community better now and in the future. Philanthropy is more than just giving; it’s about making long-term investments in supporting effective charitable organizations and programs, benefiting our community now and for future generations. We provide a range of services aimed at strengthening these nonprofit organizations. We assist nonprofits with visibility, developing their skills, maintaining their strength, and preparing for any situation. Our goal is to establish an environment where these groups can thrive, both in the present and the future. We understand the significance of these organizations in bettering our community, and we stand ready to offer continuous support. Our nonprofit services enhance the resilience of local organizations, focusing on aspects such as visibility, capacity building, sustainability, and adaptability. We create an environment where these groups can flourish, not just today but also in the years ahead.

How to Register as a Nonprofit

First-time Organization

Complete the following steps to become a registered nonprofit with Kern Community Foundation.

  1. First, search for your agency in our Nonprofit Search.
    • If the organization is listed, it means that you’re officially registered with Kern Community Foundation and can use our services.
  2. If your agency’s name does not appear in the Nonprofit Search, complete the following steps:
    • Visit to confirm your nonprofit’s Transparency Rating using your agency’s name or EIN (Tax ID) number.
      • Acceptable ratings for organizations registering with Kern Community Foundation are Silver, Gold, and Platinum 2022 or higher only.
      • For your organization’s registration to be approved by the Foundation, it’s necessary to have a minimum Silver level rating on This applies if your organization has a Bronze rating or no rating at all.
      • The Support option in the menu at the top of the GuideStar home page has easy-to-use tools to guide you from claiming your agency’s profile to building it up through the transparency levels: from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum. Remember, Kern Community Foundation only requires a minimum Silver level.
  3. Use this link to access our Online Grant Platform.
    • Create an account using your e-mail address and a password.
    • Fill out the information about yourself as an applicant, include organization information. 
    • On the Applicant Dashboard, click on the hyperlink for “Apply” at the very top of the page next to the home icon. 
    • On the application choices page, choose “Nonprofit Registration for Foundation Services” 
    • Complete the online registration form and submit it.

Important information:

  • After you finish your registration, you can then proceed to apply for any of our available grant opportunities below.
  • KCF staff will review all applications submitted through our website. Keep in mind that sending an application doesn’t ensure automatic acceptance for our services.

Organizations Already Registered with Kern Community Foundation

  • Be sure to keep your GuideStar rating from dipping below Silver 2022 or lapsing altogether.
  • A Silver rating is required to continue to receive our free services or be considered for grants offered through the Foundation.
  • Make it a habit to check your organization’s transparency rating on at least once a quarter, and upgrade as needed.

Nonprofit Services

  • Listing in our Community Giving Guide and its online companion, the Nonprofit Search engine on our website;
  • Eligibility to apply for our Available Grants;
  • Eligibility to participate in our online day of giving, Give Big Kern
  • Inclusion in our extensive Nonprofit E-mail List
  • Access to web-based resources available only to Foundation Registered Partners, including the ability to submit your agency’s events (fundraisers, resource fairs, etc.) for posting on our website’s Community Events Calendar, social media mentions, and access to grant searches through Candid’s Foundation Directory Online, flagship service of our Nonprofit Empowerment Center;
  • Visibility through social media, our community calendar events, and e-newsletter;
  • Exclusive training and networking opportunities for nonprofit leaders;
  • And more!