Everyone can be a philanthropist. At Kern Community Foundation, we’re committed to making it easy to find, learn about and give to the causes you care about most. Discover the impact local nonprofits have on our community with our comprehensive nonprofit database. Search for your organization of choice and find information to help you make the most of your charitable gift.

All Nonprofit Organizations

Juventud Enriquecimiento Musica Y Artes Foundation


To support the cultural enrichment of youth in the Central Valley of California by supporting programs for youth.

KAXL 88.3 Life FM


Using Christian Music and compelling media in a culturally relevant way to encourage faith and unite our community.

Keep California Beautiful


Dedicated to alternative waste management, beautification, community networking and outreach.

Keepers of the Kern


Dedicated to restoring, protecting, and preserving the quality and uniqueness of the wild and scenic Kern River.

Keepers Transformation House Women’s Discipleship Program


To restore and empower women in crisis to a dignified and purposeful life in Christ.

Kegley Institute of Ethics


To inspire our community to recognize the value of thinking about and engaging in ethical behavior.

Kern Around the Clock Foundation


Preventing premature or inappropriate institutionalization of at-risk elderly and functionally impaired adults through such services as case management, information and assistance.

Kern Athletic Fencing Foundation


Implementing “Smart Fencing for Kern County,” at-risk students by improving their academic, social, and physical well-being through individual sport participation, health education, and tutoring.

Kern Audubon Society


To educate all age groups about the importance of birds and wildlife through outreach, field trips and citizen science.

Community Events

  1. Matrix Entrepreneur Academy: Family Cash Flow Game Night

    August 3 @ 5:00 pm - August 11 @ 9:00 pm
  2. Ready- Set Back 2 School

    August 11 @ 9:00 am - 11:00 am