Click here: Scholarships- How to Get them (Kern College Night 2015)

Click here to learn more about how Federal Financial Aid can help make college more affordable.

Launching in 2015, Kern Community Foundation will use its Common Scholarship Application through its Online Scholarship Account. The application will be used for funds held and managed by the Foundation and for partner organizations. 

Applications will become available on January 15, 2015. 

Application deadline is March 15, 2015.

For more information or assistance, please contact Manager of Grants and Scholarships Alyse Braaten at 661.616.2605 or

Helping Students Succeed

As part of the College Access initiative, Kern Community Foundation is dedicated to finding the most effective way to administer scholarships for local students. We currently manage scholarship funds that are awarded to graduating seniors from area high schools. Many of these scholarship are also renewable for continuing college students. Some scholarships were started by families or individuals; others by businesses and organizations. 

All scholarships share one goal: helping young people reach their education goals by closing the Funding Gap. Click here to read about our College Access initiative for more information on our scholarship philosophy. 

Scholarship grants are made from these funds based on the criteria of individual scholarships, as established by the donor and processed by the Common Scholarship Application.

If you are interested in starting a scholarship or education fund, we can help.

Personal Finance Tools for Students

  • Bank of America: Creating a Budget
  • Better Money Habits: Bank of America Personal Finance Education
  • Hands on Banking: A Video Series
  • Khan Academy: Finance and Capital Markets classes on Interest and Debt and Accounting and Financial Statements *these are more professional learning tools, but would be excellent for a student with academic propensity for economics or finance.