Nonprofit Registration

The Kern Community Foundation's Nonprofit Strengthening Initiative begins with the agencies we serve: Nonprofits operating in Kern County. We require all nonprofits seeking assistance from the Foundation to register to receive Nonprofit Services.  

We usually reach out to local agencies in the latter half of odd-numbered years, with a reminder to update their Agency Profile with us, as well as the content of their profile on largest and most trusted source of information on nonprofits--to ensure they have a Silver, Gold or Platinum transparency rating. Completing both of these requirements will allow your organization to be eligible for future competitive grant opportunities and highly publicized special programs and events like Philanthropy on Tap and Give Big Kern.


- Agencies will be featured in the Foundation's Charity Giving Guide, and

- Be eligible for the following opportunities:

  • Philanthropy on Tap apply for our "visibility grant" to be showcased before Bakersfield Young Professionals, who could become your agency's next wave of donors and volunteers.
  • Competitive Grants
  • Give Big Kern an annual 24-hour online giving day for Kern County
  • Nonprofit Endowment Partnership training and education on endowment building and planned giving

How to Register

  1. Have a Silver, Gold, or Platinum level participation seal on your GuideStar report. Not sure of your nonprofits status? Search on GuideStar. Need to create or update your GuideStar report? Instructions here.
  2. Fill out the registration form on our online grants platform. Create an account or log in to your existing one. Then click Apply and select Nonprofit Registration for Foundation Services. IMPORTANT: IF YOU ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT, BE SURE TO UPDATE IT WITH YOUR AGENCY'S MOST CURRENT INFORMATION.


Below are links to a simple YouTube video and some instructions from the website itself that could be useful to first-time registering nonprofits.

 On YouTube: How to Claim and Update Your GuideStar Nonprofit Profile: Click here.   Registrants will need to have their Tax ID (also called EIN [Employer Identification Number] handy, as well as agency name, address, phone/fax, e-mail and best contact details.

On GuideStar: How to Achieve the Bronze Level of Participation.  Once registered, agencies could use those instructions to get familiar with the GuideStar website, knowing that once they have achieved Bronze Status, they will want to keep going till they achieve Silver Level or higher. The website itself will tell you what else you need to upload to get to the next level. 

Here are some FAQ to help you through the process:

Where is the registration form?

It is housed on our online grant platform. Just create an account or log in to your existing account. Then click Apply and select Nonprofit Registration for Foundation Services.

Will we still need to submit more information to take part in your events?

Most will be automatic, such as the Charity Giving Guide. Those that do require additional information will have a less cumbersome process because we will already have the basics on file for you.

I see you require me to upload my logo. Why?

We are using this registration to streamline the process of us promoting your organizations. Having easy access to your logo or the optional photos you can submit allows us to recognize you in our communications easily and quickly. 

If you have any questions, please contact our Donor Services at or 661.616.2617.