Our Community’s Philanthropists

When donating through the Foundation, community philanthropists express their generosity in a variety of ways. The Foundation’s experienced staff works personally with each of the following donors to develop a giving plan that achieves their charitable and financial goals.

Donor Advised Funds

Grants made from these funds are based on direction from the donor and support broad charitable needs.

  • Robert C. and Doreen Boylan Abrams Fund
  • Aera Energy Fund
  • AFG Project Fund
  • Peter Anthony Catholic Education Fund
  • The Donald E. and Audrey W. Barnes Charitable Fund
  • Donald and Earlene Barnes Charitable Fund
  • Kristen Barnes Charitable Fund
  • Batey Charitable Fund
  • Ben and Bryan Batey Charitable Fund
  • The Boydstun Family Charitable Fund
  • S & L Boyle Family Fund
  • Charity Giving Card Fund
  • The Judith B. Chase Family Fund
  • Curtis & Peggy Darling Fund
  • Curtis & Peggy Darling Fund #2
  • Richard & Lorraine Davies Charitable Fund
  • Dev Charitable Fund
  • Jeff and Denise Dittman Charitable Fund
  • Gee Durn Fund
  • ECR Fund
  • Claude & Shirley Fiddler Charitable Fund
  • Fisherman’s Fellowship Charitable Fund
  • The Gordon Charitable Fund
  • Ed and Sue Green Family Charitable Fund
  • Fred and Virginia Hamisch Charitable Fund
  • George & Karen Johnson Family Fund
  • The Kern 178 Corridor Fund
  • Duane and Corey Keathley Charitable Fund
  • Justin and Carrie Leland Charitable Fund
  • Linda Lopez Charitable Fund
  • Robert and Judith McCarthy Family Fund
  • Garrett and Elizabeth Ming Charitable Fund
  • The David and Jan Nicholas Charitable Fund
  • Nickel Family Fund
  • Nnanedu Odeluga Memorial Fund
  • Palitz Family Charitable Fund
  • Phillips Family Fund
  • Plank Family Charitable Fund
  • Prolific Talents Fund
  • Sanders Family Fund
  • Harriet L. Sheldon Fund
  • Sheldon Family Charitable Fund
  • Gayland P. & Joy A. Smith Family Fund
  • Charlotte and Max Steinert Family Fund
  • The Marvin Steinert Family Charitable Fund
  • Rod Stiefvater Foundation Fund
  • Sandys S. Tang & Mora Tang Fund
  • C. Jeff & L. Elaine Thomson Commemorative Fund
  • Trang Family Charitable Fund
  • Beman Vernon Family Fund of Kern
  • Velasco Family Fund
  • Eugene J. Voiland Charitable Fund
  • The Blanche & Irma Weill Foundation Fund
  • Tim and Katie Werdel Giving Fund
  • Diane L. White Charitable Fund
  • Stan and Nancy Wilson Benevolence Fund
  • Cassandra Wright Charitable Fund

Field of Interest Funds

These funds are used to support specific areas such as education, healthcare, social services, the arts, or other special interests and geographic regions.

  • Arthritis Association of Kern County Fund
  • Community Disaster Relief Fund
  • Community Nest Fund
  • Day of Remembrance Fund
  • Shirley Farnsworth Fund
  • Juvenile Court Special Needs Fund for Foster Children
  • Kern River Valley Community Fund (Endowed)
  • Kern River Valley Community Fund (Non-Endowed)
  • Kern River Valley Community Match Fund
  • Tom Pryor PTSD Awareness Fund
  • Rotary House Retreat Fund
  • Scoliosis Strong Fund
  • West High Foundation Endowment Fund
  • West High Foundation Operational Fund
  • The Women’s and Girls’ Fund
  • The Women’s and Girls’ Non-Endowed Fund

Designated Funds

These funds support one or more specific charitable organizations.

  • Jean Baughman Legacy Fund
  • Phyllis J. Bivins Memorial Fund
  • Dolores & Victor Cerro St. Francis Scholarship Fund
  • Community Endowment Fund
  • Coe, Gorman, Diggles Foundation
  • The Fox Theater Foundation Endowment Fund
  • Noel E. Daniells Permanent Endowment Fund
  • Merle Haggard Musical Scholarship Fund
  • Kayli Memorial Fund
  • KernArts Forever!
  • KernArts Now!
  • KernHealth Forever!
  • Kern Health Now!
  • Kern River Preserve Stewardship Endowment Fund
  • KRVHF Stewardship Endowment Fund
  • North Kern Christian School Endowment Fund
  • The Marjorie Rump Charitable Endowment Fund
  • Shafter Historical Society Museum Curator Fund
  • The Jack and Mary Lou Thomson Endowment Fund
  • Edward M. and Constance W. Tilbury Endowment Fund
  • Upper Kern Fisheries Enhancement Fund
  • Margaret Urner Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra Endowment Fund
  • Margaret Urner Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra Fund
  • Helen Hawk Windes Charitable Fund
  • Bryce & Florence York Fund

Agency Funds

The Foundation manages these funds on behalf of local nonprofit organizations.

  • Bakersfield ARC Foundation Endowment Fund
  • Bakersfield Christian High School Endowment Fund
  • California Living Museum (CALM) Al Robbins Endowment Fund
  • Foothill Foundation Endowment Fund
  • Heart Never Forgets Endowment Fund
  • JLB Community Center Fund
  • Kern River Valley Educational and Cultural Foundation Fund
  • Leaders in Life Endowment Fund
  • Spotlight Theater Reserve Fund
  • SSRS Stewardship Endowment Fund
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Christianity and the Arts Fund
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Endowment “A” Fund
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Endowment “B” Fund
  • St. Paul’s Episcopal Church John Spear Memorial Fund
  • The Bakersfield Aquatics Center Fund
  • The Cat People Endowment Fund
  • The Golden Empire Gleaners Endowment Fund
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation Endowment Fund
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church Foundation – Global Gifts End

Scholarship Funds

These funds support Kern’s future with resources to help students achieve their academic goals.

  • Dr. Joseph E. Anderson Scholarship Fund
  • Arvin Union Congregational Church Scholarship Fund
  • Arvin Women’s Club – Ellen Kovacevich Scholarship Fund
  • The Arvin Women’s Club Scholarship Fund
  • Caratan Family Scholarship Fund
  • Derek Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • California Children’s Services (CCS) Transition Scholarship Fund
  • Larry Carr Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • East Bakersfield Class of 1957 – Ron Robison Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Manuel Gonzales Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Honor Run Scholarship Fund
  • Kern Futures Scholarship Fund
  • Kern Futures Scholarships Now Fund
  • Kern Futures Scholarships Together Fund
  • Kern High School District Counselors Scholarship Fund
  • The Mayor of Bakersfield Scholarship Fund
  • David Moore Agricultural Scholarship Fund
  • Nickel Family Scholarship for Agricultural Education Fund
  • Oscar and Libbie Rudnick Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Richard P. Pierucci Scholarship Fund
  • Sheriff’s Employees’ Benefit Association Scholarship Fund
  • The George and Helen Stewart Memorial Scholarship Fund

Unrestricted Funds

The Foundation’s unrestricted funds are used to support broad charitable needs of the community.

List Updated May 24, 2018 (Total number of Funds Managed by Kern Community Foundation: 141).

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